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IE8 RC1 Released For Download

IE8 RC1 has just been released for download here. Is it available for Vista and XP (Sorry Windows 7).  If you installed Windows XP SP3 after IE8 and you plan on installing RC1 then your SP3 and IE8 installations are permanent and the only option would be to install the final IE8, there is no downgrade option for the OS or IE8. If you want to be able to downgrade SP3 or IE8 then read the link above for more details.
When installing, make sure the “Install the latest updates” box is …

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OperaTor – Private Web Browsing

OperaTor (Windows Only) is a small software bundle that combines the power of Opera and Tor to create totally anonymous browsing. Best part, it is portable so you can stick it on a thumb drive.

If you don’t know what Tor is, it is a program that channels your internet through a large network of proxy servers. This means if you try to access a website, a few computers will be in between you and the server you are trying to connect to.
Personally I had some trouble loading the images and …

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Woopra Web Analytics: From Awesome! to huh?!? Then to better…

I have used Woopra for a long time now and so far my experiences have been fairly good. They are a beta service, but yet there hasn’t been too many hiccups along the way. I like the fact that they are free, but they will go paid, they said. I don’t know if I’m ready to pay for them yet, but depending on the price I might shell out $5 a month for them, but with so many free alternatives (Google Analytics), its not very promising.
Recently however, I have had …

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Twitter Adopts OAuth! Releases Private Beta…

After seeing the tweet by (and the accomping post), I had to send Alex Payne an email and get my name on that list before it was too late! (See: Tweet) I was accepted within minutes and now I await instructions (eagerly refreshing inbox).
People have been kicking and screaming for OAuth support on Twitter for months now (See: Discussion 1, Discussion 2). Personally, I think that the Twitter API team could have came up with a custom, easier solution, but they decided against that and started work on OAuth. …

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B.I.S.S. Blocklist Manager: IP Blocklists the easy way

Now, before we get started, I would like to say that I, James Hartig, and The Tech Corner, do not support illegal downloading and this software should be used for legal uses only.  We can now continue!
You can keep downloading your IP Blocklist the manual way, from
or you can download Blocklist Manager and have it done for you.
Blocklist Manager is a free application provided by B.I.S.S. (Bluetack Internet Security Solutions) and it automatically downloads IP lists from the major sources and easily exports them to your favorite applications. You have …

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FreeMyFeed: View Auth-enabled Feeds with Anything!

FreeMyFeed is a free web service that gives users the operrtunity to view authenticated, login, or password protected feeds in any application. This is especally helpful when using Google Reader, which still doesn’t support authenticated feeds. Also, if you don’t want to always check your gMail inbox, you can use this service to get your unread feed on any application.
After submitting your username, password, and feed url on the main page, you are presented with a page titled: “Congratulations! Your feed has been freed!” and then a choice of 12 …