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[31 Jan 2009 | 19 Comments | ]
Google Search lists everything as “Malware”

If you searched anything on Google within the last few minutes, you will now notice that every site is listed as “Harmful”. Under almost every link you will see: “This site may harm your computer.”. Even Google is listed as harmful (see left)! Someone must have screwed something up, or Google was hacked! Well, in the meantime, just ignore the “ Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! ” message and in the URL box of your browser remove the “http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=” part.
If your URL looks like this: http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=http://www.google.com/ it would change …

[30 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]
Spotify closed to USA? :(

Spotify users in the USA have been denied access and presented with a “Why is Spotify not available in my country?” message on the homepage and a link to a post about the recent ban in countries. The post is here and just says that your IP is in the United States and they cannot offer services in that country. However, a post on TechCrunch explains that it was various record labels that shut them down.
Also, a post on Spotify’s Blog explains into more detail the changes and the reasons for the …

[30 Jan 2009 | 56 Comments | ]
eBoostr 3 Released: Best version yet!

The folks over at eBoostr finally released their new version of eBoostr. eBoostr is a cache application that uses standard drives and memory to cache files, much like ReadyBoost on Vista. However, “Many reports included that eBoostr performs even better than ReadyBoost.” I use it on all my computer and I have been very pleased with the various betas that version 3 went through. I have been a beta tester since BETA3 back in 2007, I am very happy with this new version and I’m surprised at how much it …

[26 Jan 2009 | 8 Comments | ]
IE8 RC1 Released For Download

IE8 RC1 has just been released for download here. Is it available for Vista and XP (Sorry Windows 7).  If you installed Windows XP SP3 after IE8 and you plan on installing RC1 then your SP3 and IE8 installations are permanent and the only option would be to install the final IE8, there is no downgrade option for the OS or IE8. If you want to be able to downgrade SP3 or IE8 then read the link above for more details.
When installing, make sure the “Install the latest updates” box is …

[25 Jan 2009 | No Comment | ]
OperaTor – Private Web Browsing

OperaTor (Windows Only) is a small software bundle that combines the power of Opera and Tor to create totally anonymous browsing. Best part, it is portable so you can stick it on a thumb drive.

If you don’t know what Tor is, it is a program that channels your internet through a large network of proxy servers. This means if you try to access a website, a few computers will be in between you and the server you are trying to connect to.
Personally I had some trouble loading the images and …

[24 Jan 2009 | 9 Comments | ]
Woopra Web Analytics: From Awesome! to huh?!? Then to better…

I have used Woopra for a long time now and so far my experiences have been fairly good. They are a beta service, but yet there hasn’t been too many hiccups along the way. I like the fact that they are free, but they will go paid, they said. I don’t know if I’m ready to pay for them yet, but depending on the price I might shell out $5 a month for them, but with so many free alternatives (Google Analytics), its not very promising.
Recently however, I have had …