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[6 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
TreeSize Free: Clear your hard drive of huge files/folders!

Don’t you hate it how Windows doesn’t show the size of folders unless you right-click and choose properties. Well, that can take a long time if your looking through your whole hard drive, trying to find out what is taking up all that space.
TreeSize Free is a free, small program that shows you the biggest folders on your hard drive and then gives you easy access to viewing or deleting them. If you are planning on using the application a lot, then I would run the installer but if not, …

[30 Jan 2009 | 56 Comments | ]
eBoostr 3 Released: Best version yet!

The folks over at eBoostr finally released their new version of eBoostr. eBoostr is a cache application that uses standard drives and memory to cache files, much like ReadyBoost on Vista. However, “Many reports included that eBoostr performs even better than ReadyBoost.” I use it on all my computer and I have been very pleased with the various betas that version 3 went through. I have been a beta tester since BETA3 back in 2007, I am very happy with this new version and I’m surprised at how much it …

[11 Jan 2008 | 61 Comments | ]

Solution for receiving the following error message:
“Failed to uninstall the device. The device may be required to boot up the computer.”
When trying to uninstall devices…
(Click on certain images, if they are hard to read.)
—- Solution 1 —-
(Will Remove Driver For Good!)
(More Advanced, if you are not sure, please comment!, screwing up the registry is sometimes irreversible)
Open device manager (either from control panel or type ‘devmgmt.msc’ in Run…)
Right click on the device that you are tying to uninstall
Choose ‘Properties’
Goto ‘Details’ Tab

Make Note of the Boxed Region In the Following Image (the …