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[9 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]
Grooveshark releases Last.FM scrobbling

Grooveshark has just released their Last.FM scrobbling features to VIP-only users, along with a new settings page and Chinese language support. Check out the original post here.

[12 Feb 2009 | One Comment | ]
News Roundup! Small but significante updates around…

Pretty much I will be writing “News Roundup” posts because a lot of news out there is important, but I can’t write a whole article on it, so I will summarize it and link to another source.

Twitter announces it will be offering paid services to business and premium users soon! Reports were saying that Twitter was going to force these “fees” on companies, however Twitter responded with a blog post telling everyone the fees are not going to be “forced”. I think this is a good opportunity for companies and …

[6 Feb 2009 | No Comment | ]
Twisten.fm: Discover Music on Twitter! Maybe…

I noticed a new service offered by my wonderful friends over at Grooveshark the other day, Twisten.FM . I was intrigued by what they said it did: Discover music through Twitter. I decided to check it out, and I gave them (grooveshark) my twitter email and password. Hopefully, they will support OAuth when Twitter finally releases it. I know some of the members at Grooveshark and I would trust them with my login; they aren’t going to “hack” you or anything, they just need your following list so they can …

[30 Jan 2009 | One Comment | ]
Spotify closed to USA? :(

Spotify users in the USA have been denied access and presented with a “Why is Spotify not available in my country?” message on the homepage and a link to a post about the recent ban in countries. The post is here and just says that your IP is in the United States and they cannot offer services in that country. However, a post on TechCrunch explains that it was various record labels that shut them down.
Also, a post on Spotify’s Blog explains into more detail the changes and the reasons for the …

[20 Jan 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Dual Boot iTunes, Share Library

I have over 6000 songs on iTunes and I would like to keep my current library on my new Windows 7 boot. However, if I make changes on Windows 7, I want them to be applied to my Windows XP boot, and vice-versa. I found that there are two ways of doing this, one that is very simple and the other for power users.
Method 1: Easy Way
Step 1: Make sure iTunes is setup correctly on your first boot and Consolidate your library (found under File -> Library or under Advanced …

[13 Jan 2009 | 7 Comments | ]
SkreemR Music Search

SkreemR Music Search helps you find the music you want to hear and gives you the option to download the song, and if you like it enough, it gives you a link to buy the song. Skreemr has also developed a technology similiar to Google’s Pagerank System, called AudioRank, which grabs the most likely search results and puts them at the top so you don’ t have to keep scrolling down to find the song you were actually searching for.
Definitely one you should have bookmarked or if you are real …