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Twitter Adopts OAuth! Releases Private Beta…

23 January 2009 3,303 Views No Comment


After seeing the by @ (and the accomping post), I had to send an email and get my name on that list before it was too late! (See: ) I was accepted within minutes and now I await instructions (eagerly refreshing inbox).

People have been kicking and screaming for OAuth support on Twitter for months now (See: Discussion 1, Discussion 2). Personally, I think that the Twitter API team could have came up with a custom, easier solution, but they decided against that and started work on OAuth. After months and months, of what seemed like numerous set backs and problems, the time is finally come! I will update this post when I get instructions and experiences. I will not be sharing a public link, or anything similar, to see it “in action”. If you want to use it, wait till we finish testing it.

The main benefit of OAuth is the ability to authenticate a user without knowledge of his/her Username and Password.

To find out more on OAuth, you can read: OAuth Site, Wikipedia or just google search something along the lines of “oauth twitter”.

-James Hartig

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