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[25 Jun 2008 | 2 Comments | ]

If your Windows audio driver has stopped working all the sudden and you know for sure it is installed then there is a quick fix to this. This may not always work due to corrupt driver and you may need to reinstall the driver. Also if you have received the following error messages, this fix might work:
1. – “Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use …

[14 Jun 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

After installing SP3, was your XP theme reverted to the original XP theme? Or in other words, are you not able to install a theme on XP SP3?
Windows has disabled unsigned themes for Windows XP SP3 and does not allow you to install them for security reasons.
Heres how you fix it:
Download and Install WindowsXP SP3 UxTheme Patcher here: http://pcsofts.cn/application/windowsxp-sp3-uxtheme-patcher-v12.html
This patch modifies a system file to allow you to install your unsigned themes.
-Travis Cunningham

[14 Jun 2008 | No Comment | ]

Firefox Download Day is June 17, 2008
Mark Your Calendars! The link to the site is above (the banner).
On this date you will be able to download Firefox 3, the newest and best browser on the planet. I will be looking forward to testing Firefox 4 soon!
June 17, 2008 is also the day I can get my temp. drivers license.
In unrelated news…
Firefox 3 RC3 was just released.
Download Here
Just keeping you updated.
- James Hartig