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Inkball on Windows 7

11 January 2009 23 Comments

You know that awesome game that Microsoft made only avaliable as a Vista Ultimate Extra? Wanted that same game on your Windows 7 Ultimate? Well thanks to “cephead” on jcxp.net, you now can play it on your new beta OS!

First download the zip: Thanks to Thomas Teuber.  Make sure to “Unblock” (Properties->General)  the downloaded zip before extracting. Then extract to Windows/system32, right-click and goto “Properties” -> “Compatibility” and make it compatible with Windows Vista.  Then make a shortcut in your “Games”  folder. Congrats!

Note: You might have to be an administrator for it to work.

- James Hartig

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  • Chaikhe said:

    Works for me!  Thanks, Thomas!

    • Spedy said:

      He guy’s,

      it’s working quite well!


      • Spedy said:

        Sorry, but only for one day, now I’v got  a error message about DLL


        • Harry said:

          Windows 7 is much better than Windows Vista when it comes to performance. i like Windows 7 just like Windows XP

          • Arthtritis Treatment Health Info said:

            i just installed Windows 7 on my PC. i just hope that it is as stable as Windows XP.

            • Daniel said:

              it crashes whenever i try to play it

              • kitor said:

                This Inkball is an orginal game from Windows XP TabletPC Edition (yes, Vista wasn’t first, Inkball was included in XP TPC).
                Everything working OK on my Win7 tablet ;-)

                • Yatti said:

                  Crashes wit retail home premium Windows 7 – Services optimized..

                  Any solutions?

                  • Bob said:

                    Make sure you apply all compatibility changes to all users.


                    • Jane said:

                      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

                      • cj said:

                        AWESOME! Thank you!!

                        • Brad said:

                          I had a similar problem where the game crashed upon loading it.

                          If you right click the program and select troubleshoot compatability and use the recommended settings it should work, or at least it did for me.

                          • c j burton said:

                            does it only work with ultimate versions. will it work with xP, or win7 home premium?

                            • Ather said:

                              I just unzippe dit, and played it no problem in Win7 Home Premium. No compatiblity or anything.

                              • Jeff said:

                                Thanks, but the game I REALLY miss is “Texas Hold’em” from Vista Ultimate. Anyone know how to get that one and install it in Win7?

                                • Phillip said:

                                  Abfab – worked first time and it is such an absorbing game.  Thanks

                                  • john said:

                                    Works on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

                                    • alex said:

                                      nice!!! it works perfect on Win7 x64 Ultimate

                                      • Jesse said:

                                        It’s not as hard as it describes it to be. Just download it, extract it, and run the program. To get it in the start menu, go to
                                        C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Games
                                        Snap a Windows Explorer to each side of the screen, one with the extracted inkball files in it, and the above address on the other. Drag the application “Inkball” to the “Games” folder.