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Windows 7 SKUs: Worse Than Vista!

Reading Engadget recently I noticed that Microsoft finalized the Windows 7 SKUs (or Versions). I read further, despite reading the title which pretty much gives away the article. Vista had 4 primary versions and now it looks like Windows 7 will get even worse and have 6! I don’t understand what Microsoft is trying to accomplish? These versions are just confusing to customers. Instead, they should sell one dvd with all of the versions and then allow the user to pick at time of installation. Of course, the user would …

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Gmail Offline Mode

Gmail recently released the 0.1 version of “Offline” which lets you read your Gmail messages, even when you are not connected to the internet. It uses Google Gears, a browser plugin that is compatible with several different browsers, which processes and syncronizes your email messages from your computer to the Google mail servers. Currently it is in its early stages, so it is developed under Google Labs for now. Later it is expected to be streamlined within Gmail.

When you are using offline Gmail and you send an email, it cues …

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Windows Fixes Moves to Tech Corner

In this post I would like to thank Jimmy Hartig for his amazing contributions to this site and for the work he has done.
Recently, he moved all of his news articles on Windows Fixes to this news feed (and there were quite a few of them). He also gave up quite a bit of advertising revenue to join with this site, where hopefully we can make just as much.
Looks like and I am going to have to pick up the pace and start writing more!!

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Google Search lists everything as “Malware”

If you searched anything on Google within the last few minutes, you will now notice that every site is listed as “Harmful”. Under almost every link you will see: “This site may harm your computer.”. Even Google is listed as harmful (see left)! Someone must have screwed something up, or Google was hacked! Well, in the meantime, just ignore the “ Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! ” message and in the URL box of your browser remove the “http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=” part.
If your URL looks like this: http://www.google.com/interstitial?url=http://www.google.com/ it would change …

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Spotify closed to USA? :(

Spotify users in the USA have been denied access and presented with a “Why is Spotify not available in my country?” message on the homepage and a link to a post about the recent ban in countries. The post is here and just says that your IP is in the United States and they cannot offer services in that country. However, a post on TechCrunch explains that it was various record labels that shut them down.
Also, a post on Spotify’s Blog explains into more detail the changes and the reasons for the …

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eBoostr 3 Released: Best version yet!

The folks over at eBoostr finally released their new version of eBoostr. eBoostr is a cache application that uses standard drives and memory to cache files, much like ReadyBoost on Vista. However, “Many reports included that eBoostr performs even better than ReadyBoost.” I use it on all my computer and I have been very pleased with the various betas that version 3 went through. I have been a beta tester since BETA3 back in 2007, I am very happy with this new version and I’m surprised at how much it …