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Trapcall Unmasks Blocked Calls

3 April 2009 6,320 Views 8 Comments

Trapcall unmasks restricted calls to your phone automatically, all for free. If you have ever gotten a prank call or a call from a telemarketer and they call you restricted, you will not ever have to worry again.

The setup takes about a minute (a step by step process to reroute your calls through Trapcall before going to your phone). When you recieve a restricted call after you have setup Trapcall on your phone, first ignore the call. Then the servers at Trapcall will unmask the restricted call and will dial your phone with the actual callers number. On the callers end, they will hear ringing the entire time this process is going on.


Trapcall does more than just unmask your calls. When a call goes to voicemail, the Trapcall servers record the voice mail and allow you to access it through an easily search-able web interface. Although you can access this through the internet, it disables the voicemail system your phone service provides and you will not be able to call voicemail. — (People text me more than call me anyways and they don’t leave a voicemail.) There is also a feature that lets you block calls from certain people (enabled by clicking icon near the right on the image above).



Travis Cunningham

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