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Domainr – Unique Domain Finder

14 January 2009 4,013 Views 2 Comments

Here’s another great web tool that helps you find top level and second level domain names. Its different from other domain registration sites because it gives you different formats of domain names and uses folders and domain suffixes to create a unique domain name. For example, if you search for “Technology”, it will give you a format like “tec.hn/ology” or “t.ec/hnology”.

There’s tons of combinations to try out, so if your stuck with a domain search problem, just check out Domainr.

Here’s the Domainr Site: http://domai.nr/

- Travis Cunningham

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  • Eric said:

    Thanks for the linkage, Travis! Let us know if you ever have any trouble with it, or if you’d like to see us add any functionality and features.


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