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SkreemR Music Search

13 January 2009 3,788 Views 2 Comments

SkreemR Music Search helps you find the music you want to hear and gives you the option to download the song, and if you like it enough, it gives you a link to buy the song. Skreemr has also developed a technology similiar to Google’s Pagerank System, called AudioRank, which grabs the most likely search results and puts them at the top so you don’ t have to keep scrolling down to find the song you were actually searching for.

Definitely one you should have bookmarked or if you are real serious about your music, you should get the search plugin which allows you to search right from within your browser search bar (Works best with Firefox). You can find the OpenSearch addon here: http://www.kmcgraphics.com/?p=32 SongBird users should use this link for the search bar addon: http://addons.songbirdnest.com/extensions/detail/41

Here’s the link to the website: SkreemR Mp3 Search

- Travis Cunningham

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