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News Roundup! Small but significante updates around…

12 February 2009 4,199 Views One Comment

Pretty much I will be writing “News Roundup” posts because a lot of news out there is important, but I can’t write a whole article on it, so I will summarize it and link to another source.

announces it will be offering paid services to business and premium users soon! Reports were saying that Twitter was going to force these “fees” on companies, however Twitter responded with a telling everyone the fees are not going to be “forced”. I think this is a good opportunity for companies and for Twitter. They have been playing around for too long now without any sort of marketing strategy. <Read More>

icon_twistenfmTwisten.FM was justt officially released by today (I just got my email a bit ago)! The first one being their new Valentine’s card option. If you think your “someone special” would enjoy a song for Valentine’s day, just press the card button (furthest right button) on the song choice you want. You can only choose songs that other people have “Tweeted”, however if you want another one, just make a post yourself of the song then send it. Even if you don’t want to send a song, at least check out the cool phrases the Grooveshark team put together. Also, they have taken my idea of the pause icon and now when you play a song, it loads then shows a pause button :) I just noticed (whether they just added it or not) there is a reply link (arrow) in the bottom right of tweets now. Finally, the Grooveshark team has added a source parameter to their tweets!!

noca_iconNoca, an alternative to , just launched! What’s the big deal, you ask? They have a lower fee! Their fee is only $.25 and the transactions can be completed in only 1-2 business days! I will be trying out the service soon, so check back for a full review. <Read More>

youtube_iconYoutube added Video Downloads today, hopefully to help with the current non-existent marketing of Youtube. Users can now download movies for $.99. TechCrunch posted the news, (which isn’t all that I read, despite all the read links being to TechCrunch) however I couldn’t find any download links or anything on the site. YouTube better have an incentive to get users to pay, especially with all of the sites that allow you to download into any format for free. I guess we can just wait and see.

Update: Youtube has started to remove/ban free download tools. :(

Just keep you up-to-date!
- James Hartig

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