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The fake Game Boy is black and has a

A gang of Yorkshire car or truck thieves managed to steal five Mitsubishi Outlanders utilizing a gadget disguised as a Activity Boy. West Yorkshire Law enforcement say the machine is value £20,000 and can unlock and start out keyless autos in “a matter of seconds.”

To start with documented by the BBC, the trio of car burglars had been pulled above (in their possess auto, not a stolen 1) on July 20th. Police discovered the “Game Boy” in a “secret compartment” and immediately uncovered how it labored from a video on 1 of the thieves’ phones.

Police be aware that this video was narrated in a mocking tone, although it reveals some critical aspects. The “Game Boy” only is effective on keyless autos, and simply because of its complexity, it’s only programmed to get the job done with one particular product of auto. Which is why the gang only stole Mitsubishi Outlanders.

But we are not really guaranteed wherever the fake Video game Boy situation arrived from. I signify, we know that it is the exact scenario utilized in knockoff “SUPREME” Game Boys that folks sell on AliExpress, but we do not know who utilized it to conceal the £20,000 auto-unlocking device. Possibly this small gang had a exceptional idea, or anyone is marketing common essential fobs disguised as Game Boys.

West Yorkshire Police determined the auto thieves as Dylan Armer, Christopher Bowes, and Thomas Poulson. When their sentences stop, they’ll have a distinctive story to convey to their retro gaming friends.

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Supply: West Yorkshire Law enforcement via BBC