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Rate: $70

A Logitech Lift mouse next to a Logitech MK470 keyboard
Josh Hendrickson

Stick about Review Geek really prolonged, and you’ll obtain that we’re major admirers of ergonomic anything. So when Logitech introduced the new Raise mouse that promised ergonomics in an affordable bundle, I had to acquire a look. Could it exchange my beloved MX Vertical? Surprisingly—yes!

Here is What We Like

  • More affordable than most vertical mice
  • Logitech Move is fantastic
  • Very relaxed

And What We Don’t

  • However a minor high-priced
  • Continue to a tiny significant

I have utilised ergonomic keyboards and mice for decades now, and that ought to display in my quite a few opinions of ergonomic keyboards. But whilst the shape and value of ergonomic keyboards is a very little more frequent (with some wild exceptions), ergonomic mice are a little rarer and much less one of a kind. You have essentially two selections: a trackball set up and a “vertical setup.” Both equally are typically a lot more expensive than a conventional mouse and connect with for compromise. Considerably as I enjoy the MX Vertical, it is pricey and enormous. Wonderful for huge fingers, not so considerably for every person else.

The Logitech Lift fixes both people challenges but will come with a few compromises of its individual.

Shake Fingers With Your Mouse

A hand wrapped around a vertical mouse

The finest way to describe applying a vertical mouse is to think about you are shaking arms. That’s essentially the place you will keep your hand in even though working with the Logitech Elevate. In theory, that relieves pressure on your wrist since you aren’t unnaturally bending the rest backward.

The draw back to most vertical computer system mice is that they are formatted for right-handers only. That is pretty much a trouble even with the typical set up, but generally you can reformat buttons and these types of to make left-handed operation do the job. But with a vertical form, which is an unattainable endeavor as the overall mouse curves to in good shape your thumb and fingers. Thankfully, the Logitech Lift will come in both equally suitable-hand and remaining-hand formats. But you will get less coloration possibilities in the latter— proper-hand Carry comes in graphite, off-white, and rose, whilst remaining-hand only arrives in graphite.

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Past the new shades and still left-hand selection, the Lift differentiates itself in numerous notable approaches. It takes advantage of the new Logitech Bolt receiver (together with Bluetooth), which the organization says is much more safe and stable than the preceding Unifying dongle. But that also usually means it simply cannot be paired with the Unifying dongle, so if you are using an older Logitech Keyboard, you may possibly need to have two dongles if Bluetooth is not an possibility.

The Elevate is also noticeably smaller than the MX Vertical. This is mostly a very good issue, I consider. The MX Vertical is so significant you just about have to have further room on your desk to accommodate it. That further heft also implies additional time to develop applied to its peculiar form. And if you have smaller palms, forget about utilizing it.

The Lift’s smaller sized size fixes all that. It still calls for far more home than the regular mouse, probably, but you will not come to feel like you require a new desk just for your mouse. And that also signifies it should really be easier to adapt to the new placement. The Carry almost certainly also matches extra arms than the MX Vertical as very well. But if you have fingers that are on the much larger measurement of medium, you may perhaps will need to adjust. I have “medium” sized fingers and extensive fingers. I have discovered that with the Elevate, I curl my fingers a bit to thoroughly use the scroll wheel and clicky buttons. If I did not, they’d extend past the edges of the mouse, and my middle finger would hit the scroll wheel at about the halfway level.

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But even with that simple fact, the mouse is very relaxed to use. I didn’t even know I was curling my fingers right up until I began attempting the Daily life and the MX Vertical aspect by facet.

Nearly Quality Supplies

If you’ve deemed purchasing a vertical mouse in the earlier, you in all probability experience sticker shock when you saw the $100 to $150 price numerous of them command. The Elevate manages to shave that selling price down to a more very affordable $69. And whilst which is nevertheless not the cheapest mouse on the market, it is extra palatable in contrast to its ergonomic brethren.

Logitech managed to shrink the rate place by literally shrinking the product and modifying out the materials and specs some. The Lift feels a lot less top quality in the hand than the MX Vertical, for occasion. But if you have by no means held the a lot more high priced mouse, you will not know what you are missing. And in an isolated entire world, the “Zen Surface” (as Logitech likes to get in touch with it) feels high-quality to me. Odd, as I’m not utilized to rubber-sense on a mouse, but good. A single draw back to all rubber is dust, which this mouse draws in like a magnet. You’ll see dust in all the shots, despite efforts to thoroughly clean up the system. The fantastic information is that dust is significantly much less noticeable to the naked eye than you see in shots.

The buttons are quite tranquil but tactile enough, which is almost certainly a boon for any individual doing the job in an business office wherever sound pollution is a bad point. And the scroll wheel also feels a great deal gentler, for absence of a greater term, with fewer click on points. But yet again, even though it is it’s possible “not as good” as the MX Vertical, the scroll wheel is great, and you will not know what you’re missing.

The same goes for the relaxation of the buttons on the mouse, which are all soft click and slightly rubbery feeling. I do not are inclined to use mouse buttons a lot, so it does not trouble me. The a person detail you probable will notice is the absence of USB-C charging. As a substitute, the Elevate necessitates a single AA battery. Logitech claims that AA will get you two many years of use before you will want a new battery. Of course, I can not exam that assert, but in the just about two months I’ve utilised the mouse, the battery amount has only dropped 5%, according to the new Logitech Solutions+ software package.

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If you are a supporter of Logitech Stream, you will be happy to know which is onboard too. I do want that Logitech would end putting the gadget switch button on the base of the mouse. It is ideal when it’s a thumb button, as discovered on the Triathalon. But that’s really just nitpicking.

A Good Mouse All-All around

When you get down to it, I can only feel of two factors not to obtain the Logitech Lift. Both you never like the vertical mouse form aspect, or you have large fingers. And if you fit into the latter category, I’d issue you to the MX Vertical.

Outside of that, the Lift is a stellar ergonomic mouse. It’s at ease, dependable, and while the AA battery is annoying, I don’t in fact see the additional $30 to get the MX Veritical’s rechargeable battery as a justified value. And it’s incredibly likely the AA battery issue will only come up every year or two, which you can not in fact say about the MX Vertical. That mouse needs charging just about every several months. You can obtain a lot less pricey vertical mouse alternatives out there, of class. But they slash far extra corners in products and perform. They are less expensive simply because they are “cheaper.” This feels like the ideal middle ground.

If you are imagining about a vertical mouse and $100 (or extra) is as well steep for you, get the Logitech Raise. It’s a terrific all-all over ergonomic mouse.

Here’s What We Like

  • A lot more economical than most vertical mice
  • Logitech Move is terrific
  • Very at ease

And What We Do not

  • Even now a minimal high-priced
  • Nonetheless a minor huge