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A LEGO Optimus Prime in robot and truck form

Transfer about Batmobile LEGO just declared its best 80s nostalgia set nonetheless: Optimus Primary. And if just the title of the established isn’t enough to make you promptly pull out $169.99 to acquire it, you should really know this set truly transforms.

LEGO Optimus Prime marks the start of what we can only hope is a extended collaboration among LEGO and Hasbro. The one,508-piece established is marked for grownups, which isn’t much too surprising. Not only are you creating a instead substantial and complex established, but it can also remodel.

Generally, with LEGO sets that have several “forms,” you develop as one or the other, and you have to rebuild if you want to modify it. But LEGO Optimus Primary can remodel amongst his standing robotic method and his truck cab variety. Alas, you will not get the trailer in this established. But the simple fact that he transforms is still very interesting.

LEGO achieved the feat with 19 details of articulation that make it possible for you to twist the body, fold down the head, and a lot more. And in a specific level of “film accuracy,” you can open Prime’s upper body to expose the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. You are going to also get an ion blaster, Energon ax, Energon cube, and jetpack.

You can buy LEGO Optimus Prime for $169.99 starting June 1st.

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