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Easy Google Pagerank Determination

6 March 2009 6,968 Views 10 Comments

Google Pagerank

Here is a very cool trick (Found by Jimmy) to determine Google Pagerank on websites by modifying your search query URL on Google Search. The best part about this is that it returns the output in plain text, making it easier for developers to get this information without long scripts. This means you could write a Sphider Mod to get better search results or use it within a custom program to see how popular (or important) a website is on the internet.

Get the Pagerank: 
To get pagerank, type in: http://www.google.com/search?client=navclient-auto&ch=656688533331624&features=Rank&q=info:google.com 

To change the website in the request, simply change “info:google.com” to “info:” and the website domain of your choice (I.E. “info:thetechcorner.net”)

Be sure to change the value of “ch” (656688533331624) to a new number every time you request the page or else Google will deny the request to the server.
Note: Not all numbers will work, but keep trying random numbers until it works. There might be a reason for this number and it may have to do with the length of the url.

Reading the Output:
When you request the pagerank of , you should get the return of: Rank_1:1:9
 The last number (which is 9) would be the pagerank of the site. I don’t know what the other two numbers mean in front of that (maybe the version of the system??).

If you do not know how to write a script to find the pagerank from a PHP program, there is a great one here: DevPapers Google PageRank

Travis Cunningham

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