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The full potential of netsh.

5 September 2008 3,815 Views 4 Comments

I have not been around much to have been posting some new errors. I have received many emails over the past few weeks and I have been trying to reply (usually in under an hour) and get everyone’s problems fixed. Remember you can email me at:

Now time to move on to: Netsh.

Netsh is a command-line based tool that can be used to locally or remotely administer a computer. I recently stumbled upon it when I was searching for a way to set DNS servers via the command-line. Various “things” you can do with Netsh will be shown below:

Set IP Address/Subnet/Gateway
netsh interface ip set address "<name of connection>" static <ip address> <subnet> <default gateway>

Set DNS Server(s)
netsh int ip set dns "<name of connection>" static <ip address> primary
To Set More DNS Servers:
netsh int ip add dns "<name of connection>" <ip address>

Set Connection To DHCP
netsh interface ip set address "<name of connection>" dhcp

Set WINS Server(s)
netsh interface ip set wins "<name of connection>" static <ip address>
To Set More WINS Servers:
netsh interface ip add wins "<name of connection>" <ip address>

Those are just some basic examples. I hope that you can benefit from this command as much as I recently have been able to!

-James Hartig

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