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Windows XP SP3: DNS server not working. Internet Sharing Client. Disable, then Enable

28 May 2008 3 Comments

Windows XP SP3 Problem With Internet Connection Sharing and DNS with Clients
This fix is for the following conditions…
a) You have recently installed Windows XP SP3
b) You have enabled Internet Connection Sharing and have configured a host computer and client computer
c) You have recently disabled/enabled the Network Connection to which is being shared on the host, or have a USB network device and have removed/inserted it
(if you have not done that, this fix will most likely not work!!)
d) You cannot connect to websites, DNS is failing, etc.

Solution 1 (Very Simple!)

1) Shutdown host
2) Shutdown client
3) Turn on client
4) Turn on host

Solution 2 (If shutting down host, is not an option!)

1) Goto Run-> cmd (on the host)
2) Execute (type and enter) “net stop sharedaccess” (no quotes)
3) Turn Off Client Computer
4) Go back to cmd window on host, execute “net stop sharedaccess” (no quotes)
5) Turn on client

Please note that this must be done whenever you are enabling/disabling/removing/insterting the Internet Connection Sharing device.

If you don’t want to, submit a Hotfix Request at

or just download the fix here (direct hotfix from Microsoft, not modified, no spyware, no viruses, nothing!)
NOTE: This HotFix will only work for Windows XP SP3 (32-Bit) with the above problem (Especially ‘c’), DON’T TRY THIS ON ANYTHING ELSE!!

(Note: For anyone who cares, it is a problem in the file Ipnathlp.dll)

Hope That Helps!
-James Hartig

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