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Windows XP zip Problem: "Your current security settings do not allow this action"

16 February 2008 2 Comments

Note: This is not the fix for drag-drop of networked files….
Windows XP Fix For Networked Files

This should also work for any other type of file.

This is a page to fix the problem where you get a dialog “Your current security settings do not allow this action” when drag-dropping a folder/file from a .zip (ZIP Archive) to another open folder/window.

This is caused by how Windows XP SP3 (Only pre-RC2) treats downloaded files and their restrictions….

—-Fix For This Problem!—-
1) Right-click on the offending .zip file
2) Choose Properties
3) Click Unblock

5) Then Click Apply
6) Click OK and then you are done!

Congrats Your File Is Now Able To Be Drag-Drop Exported

Hope That Helps!
-James Hartig

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  • Gnard Smasha said:

    Sorry, this still doesn’t work. I click the “Unblock” option, click Apply, click OK, and it still won’t run the .exe file inside the .zip file. Right click, choose “Extract all…”, and it won’t extract the .exe file; tells me it’s a security risk. BS. Stupid XP.

    • James Hartig (author) said:

      Are you sure that the exe isn’t a security, this article only covers the “extracting” of the “exe” not anything there after. As far as telling you its a security risk, is it Windows telling you this, or a security software?

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