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Chrome Nightly: mini_installer.exe isn’t updating

14 February 2009 11,898 Views 2 Comments

I downloaded the latest nightly build of Chrome, only to realize that the mini_installer.exe wouldn’t update my Chrome installation on Windows 7. I would run the executable, but nothing would happen. Finally, I decided to change the compatibility to Windows Vista and Vola!, it worked!

So if you’re having trouble with the mini_installer.exe, just right click the exe, goto Properties. Then goto the Compatibility tab and then choose Windows Vista. No matter if you delete the mini_installer.exe, the settings should stay the same for any mini_installer.exe in that same folder (Desktop?). So you should only have to do this once.


You can download Nightly Versions of Chrome with Chromium Nightly Updater or you can goto the Google Chromium Directory (and goto the last folder or the highest number). When installing at first, it will install a new version of chrome, called Chromium. Just transfer your “User Data” folder (within “%APPDATA%\Google\Chrome) to the Chromium folder (“%APPDATA%\Chromium”). Always download the installer, the ZIP is just a hassle.

Hope that helps!
- James Hartig

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  • Zaixionito said:

    Still won’t work for me :(

    • jajam said:

      perfectly works for me……………….

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