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Lets DestroyTwitter!

27 February 2009 6,282 Views 2 Comments

This maybe the best air app I have ever used! I use twinkle for my ipod updates, and my phone for on the go, but how do I update my twitter status on my desktop? I Destroy Twitter. By now your guessing that Destroy Twitter is an app. Not just a twitter app, but also an Adobe Air app. So you can Destroy Twitter on Mac OS X, Linux and another platform that supports Air. Using the app is just a joy to use, with all the effects. And its clean. Clean and Easy :)

Distroy Twitter

As you can see in the screenshot below, the interface is a clean cut “blocky” interface, with 2 dominant colors. Now what sets this app aside from other twitter apps, is the interface. Everything seems well throughout and very clean. As well as the effects, clean and simple but really help the user experience. But it dosent get in the way. It stays hidden on the taskbar, and displays a very nice looking message when you get a new tweet! I really recommend just trying this app. Its nice!

Developed at Distroy Today

Project Home Page

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  • Travis said:

    I like how it will let people filter through who they want to listen to (even if they are following hundreds of people)… Very unique

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