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The Irish Spring Gaming Shower, which is just a gamer chair and PS4 controller in a biodome-like tub.
Irish Spring

When Irish Spring announced the “Gamer Shower” on April 1st, we assumed that it was a joke. Most people knows that avid gamers do not bathe, and all that. But it turns out that the two-in-1 human body wash organization essentially made an elaborate shower for players, complete with a gaming massage chair, big TVs, and thankfully, cleaning soap.

Now, I’m constantly thrilled about hygiene. And on the scarce opportunity that I visit a GameStop, I’m certain to complain about gamers’ unwashed armpits and creases. But Irish Spring has produced anything that defies pure regulation, which is a little bit disturbing to me. Gaming although bathing in a plexiglass pod is Bio-Dome-stage weird—well, if it receives players to try soap, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

. @TheBoiSantana just obtained to expertise the 1st at any time Irish Spring Gaming Shower Pod. Remain tuned for more… 🎮👃🚿 #SmellFromANiceSmellingPlace

— Irish Spring (@IrishSpring) April 4, 2022

Irish Spring sent us a online video of a clothed gamer, termed FaZe Santana, tests the shower in Mexico. He appeared to exciting time gaming on the 3 extremely-wide displays that hang in excess of the shower like a lure. Or hey, it’s possible the Irish Spring fumes ended up having to his head.

The only issue lacking from the shower, as much as I can explain to, is a gamer washcloth. Also, the identify “gamer shower” is a bit misleading. This is much more of a bubble bath than a shower. But hey, when you are a gamer, a bubble bathtub is greater than nothing.

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We do not know if the Irish Spring gamer shower will at any time go on sale. Even now, you can possibly develop just one in your bathtub if you have an extra gaming chair and some VESA mounts lying all-around.

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