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A Raspberry Pi 4 on a keyboard next to an SD card
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The Raspberry Pi four is a amazing device. It is the hottest and biggest from a series of pcs that have gotten hundreds of thousands into coding, and it varieties the foundation for a multitude of Diy electronics assignments. The capture is, they are not possible to get hold of, at least not at MSRP.

A semiconductor shortage merged with a surge in popularity has led to a major offer scarcity of Pi 4s. Companies say the system will not be back in stock until finally April upcoming year, and in the meantime, the several that are all over are inclined to be priced at a high quality — up to 400% extra than its intended retail price tag.

But options are offered. Some may well be a bit pricey, and other folks may perhaps not have the electrical power a Pi 4 has, but they are all in inventory and ready to go straight into your upcoming undertaking. Let’s have a search at what your alternatives are though Pi is off the menu.

The Tinker Board S R2.

A Tinker Board S R2.0 with dimensions

If you choose for a Tinker Board S R2., you’ll get a 1.eight GB quad-core CPU, 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM, and 16GB of inner storage. The Tinker Board need to have sufficient electrical power to consider on your far more bold “Pi” assignments, like household leisure techniques or sensible household controllers.

The Tinkerboard’s processor is far more strong than the 1 you’ll obtain in the Pi 4 B, so you may well be ready to get even more bold with your builds. However, when they are offered, you can get Pi 4s with up to eight GB of RAM, which is far more than the 2 GB that the Tinkerboard delivers. Then there is the rate. You can select up a Tinkerboard S R2. on Amazon for $149.99 — which is a lot more than some of the inflated Pi 4s are currently providing for. In short, this is a fantastic choice if you need to have additional processing electricity or you just can’t come across a Pi 4, even at a premium. Other boards on this list have also opted for 2GB of RAM, but their price tag tags are a great deal additional palatable.

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A closeup of the ODROID XU4Q

The Linux-powered ODROID XU4Q benefits from “Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex-A15 2Ghz and Cortex-A7 Octa core CPUs” alongside with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. On paper, this most likely can make the UX4Q the most effective micro-personal computer on this listing. It also will come with a extremely big heatsink hooked up, presumably to soak up some of the warmth from its reasonably effective processor. With regards to ports, ODROID has managed to cram two USB 3., a single USB two., a Gigabit Ethernet, and an HDMI port on to the little board.

In conditions of price tag, at just in excess of $100, the ODROID XU4Q is in the center ground. This is more cost-effective than the present price ranges the couple Pis obtainable are likely for but notably additional high-priced than some other choices and the Pi’s MSRP. Regardless of the cost and the processing ability, from the information and facts accessible, I doubt the XU4Q could operate 4K online video, even if it experienced a port for it, which does limit its purposes a bit.


Middle of the highway in conditions of selling price. Arrives with a impressive processor but some limits.

Libre Computer system Board AML-S905X-CC

Closeup of the Libre Computer Board AML-S905X-CC
Libre Personal computer Undertaking

With a 1.5GHz quad-main processor, a 4K Extremely High definition ARM Mali-450 750MHz GPU, and two GB of DDR3 RAM, the Libre Laptop or computer Board AML-S905X-CC (or “Le Potato”) is about on par with a Pi 4 and outstanding to a Pi three. The business promises their potato is all over 50% a lot quicker than the Pi 4’s predecessor. But the best points about the Libre Laptop or computer Board are the simple fact it is in stock and its price tag. The board is compatible with Android, Linux, and additional than possible any other open-resource software you can get your arms on.

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For me, Libre’s minor potato is the decide on of this listing and what I would go for to get me via the Pi scarcity. At $55, it isn’t a million miles absent from what you would shell out for a likewise priced Pi 4 in happier moments. It is absolutely a large amount more cost-effective than some of the grossly inflated microcomputers traveling around these days.

A Raspberry Pi Pico

A raspberry Pi Pico being held between two fingers
Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi four packs a major punch, but if you can’t get your arms on just one, you need to have to ask by yourself: “do I truly want all of that energy?” The Raspberry Pi Pico is in stock, dust low-priced, and can be utilized for a multitude of enjoyable initiatives. You will be paying out a lot more than the MSRP for a pico, but a 75% quality on $4 is a lot much easier to tummy than a 400% high quality on $35.

A Pico probably isn’t ample to run your home leisure process, exchange your day to day laptop or computer, or electricity a intelligent mirror — but you can make a drone with one particular. The microcontroller can also be made use of to emulate more mature video games. Whilst the Pico definitely doesn’t have the electricity its more substantial brothers have, it is suitable if you only want a Pi to scratch your resourceful itch.

You are going to nonetheless be assembling issues, coding with the Pico’s version of Python, and performing out small difficulties that crop up. The only difference is the scope of the venture you can just take on and the discounts you’ll make by not investing a number of moments the MSRP for your Pi.

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Raspberry Pi Pico

Offered for below $10 and able of supplying you with a flavor of what a Pi can present.