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bike wheel split in two halves
The Q

As we all know, most bicycles have two wheels that are a finish circle. Which is just how wheels generally function. Even so, an engineer named Sergii Gordieiev recently introduced a movie showing a bicycle with one particular normal wheel and two 50 percent wheels, and it is absolutely wonderful to enjoy in action. This bike shouldn’t get the job done, but it does.

Gordieiev runs a YouTube channel named ‘The Q’ and continuously releases distinctive, 1-of-a-form projects. Getting an avid biker myself, this one particular promptly caught my attention, and the development makes a ton of perception. As prolonged as equally wheel halves are timed suitable and strike the floor at the great time, you’ll roll down the road without having a hitch. 

In the movie below, the engineer explains how he cleverly produced the personalized-created bike in his garage. Right after breaking his rear rim, he decided to slash it properly in fifty percent. Then, Sergii reinforced the hub, lower and sealed the tire portion to match the aluminum rim, and employed brain magic to make it all perform.

All the things had to be custom-produced, from generating a distinctive rear sprocket set and lining up the 50 % wheels just right. He even designed a new disc brake technique that authorized him to journey the a single and two halves wheeled bicycle securely.

Reduce to five: 30 seconds in the video to see him experience the bike, and you are going to recognize my amazement. As every wheel leaves the floor, the other half-tire will come into speak to and retains things steady, sturdy, and safely on the road or dirt. And of course, this unique, unattainable bike works on the dirt, goes off curbs, and if not handles a standard trip with ease.

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At any given moment, at minimum a single of the two halved wheels is touching the ground. I have in no way found something quite like it, and I think you have not possibly.

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