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Smash Drums
PotamWorks SAS

All set to jam with your pals in VR? The latest Smash Drums update comes with a huge multiplayer up grade, making it easier to perform with pals or strangers. Furthermore, a new Troubles attribute allows you established up tournaments that every person can perform asynchronously—you know, at their possess rate.

Smash Drums is normally explained as “Beatsaber with drums,” which is normally accurate. The significant difference is that Smash Drums emphasizes rock n’ roll and locations gamers in hardcore conditions, like concerts and prisons. Though multiplayer was currently a ingredient of this game, today’s update can make it much easier to rock with friends or strangers.

See, this update integrates Smash Drums with the Meta multiplayer program, which lets you add pals to lobbies. Player can also sign up for events (which are new) to routinely get invitations for friends’ lobbies. Up to 8 players can be part of a recreation, and notably, Smash Drums now asks you to rejoin a session if you unintentionally bail or drop your net connection.

You can buy Smash Drums for $19 on the Meta Quest retail store. The video game options an at any time-growing assortment of rock songs, activity modes, and participating in environments.

Supply: PotamWorks SAS through Android Central

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