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October 6, 2021

Remember how January 1st, 2021 happened just yesterday? Yet somehow, 2022 is almost here. And before that can happen, we have the holidays. And I know, I know, I know… it’s not even Halloween yet, but I need to talk to you about Christmas. Because right now? Everything takes longer. Seriously longer. As in, I ordered a refrigerator in April, and it might finally arrive next week. Maybe.

So it’s definitely not too early to start your holiday shopping. And to that end, Review Geek, How-To Geek, and LifeSavvy are teaming up to bring you the absolute best gift suggestion you could desire. Whether it’s the best TVs, smartphones, kitchen knives, or cast iron pots, we did all the tedious research for you and found the best gifts you can buy. And we’re going to keep at it for the rest of the season. And our gift to you? A single place you can go to see all our suggestions. Check out our Holiday 2021 Gift Guide. It’s pretty amazing.

Oh, hey, Microsoft officially released Windows 11 to everyone! It’s pretty good, actually! Not perfect; that taskbar needs work after all. But if you like Windows 10, you’ll probably like Windows 11. It’s just a shame there’s also a decent chance your Windows 10 PC won’t run Windows 11. Seriously. Check out the top story for more details.

Other Highlights:

  • The latest Yubikey from Yubico doubles as a fingerprint reader. That’s really cool.
  • Our resident review Sarah took a look at the Red Magic 6S Pro smartphone. Do you like Genshin Impact? You should take a look at this phone.
  • Oh man, Google finally made the Pixel 6 launch day official, and it’s not far away!
  • I guess we can’t ignore this one. You know how Facebook went down for hours and hours? Turns out the company managed to delete itself from the internet. Seriously.
  • ..and as always, more! Keep scrolling!


Windows 11 Launches Today, but Don’t Be Surprised If You Can’t Install It

Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 11, setting the stage for its next generation of computing. Unfortunately, you may get left behind. The Windows 11 operating system’s strict hardware requirements make it incompatible with most PCs—here’s how to check if yours is compatible or not, plus instructions on installing the Windows 11 update. Read More »

Red Magic 6S Pro Review: A Solid Choice for Specific Mobile Gamers

Plenty of us, if not all of us, play mobile games. But did you know that there are phones that are optimized to handle demanding games with ease? That’s exactly what Red Magic’s 6S Pro claims to do, and it certainly delivers. Read More »

Advertisement Foster Creativity and Drive Innovation with Steve Wozniak

Join us for RingCentral Connect on October 13-14, online with keynote speaker Steve Wozniak as he dives into how to excel in an ever-changing technology environment that requires perseverance, adaptability, and creativity.

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Facebook Deleted Itself From the Internet—But How?

Facebook hasn’t had a great week. Or a great month, really. Leaked internal documents show that the company has intentionally promoted anger and misinformation on its platform, a revelation that’s forced Facebook to defend itself in front of Congress. But as it struggled to control its public image on Monday, something odd happened—Facebook and its services disappeared from the internet for six hours. Read More »

Apple Lost a Class Action Lawsuit and All You’ll Get Is Some Spare Change

If you received a refurbished iPhone or iPad between now and July 2012, Apple might owe you money. The company has reportedly agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit over refurbished products and will pay out roughly $95 million to customers. Read More »

Google Announces Its Pixel 6 Launch Event, and It’s Just Around the Corner

Just as we predicted, Google plans to host its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch event on October 19th. We’ll finally get a good look at the groundbreaking flagships, which run on custom-made Google Tensor processors and pack the largest camera upgrades in Pixel history. Read More »

STUFF WE LIKE This Stylish Leather-Bound Journal is a Must for You if You’re a Writer

This Stylish Leather-Bound Journal is a Must for You if You’re a Writer

We here at Review Geek love words (obviously), and are big fans of anything we can write our ideas and thoughts down on, like a good leather-bound journal. If you’re in the market for a new notebook or journal, we’re sure you’ll find this unique find attractive. It’s compact 5×7″ size easily fits in your drawer or bag, and it contains 200 refillable thick sturdy pages that won’t let ink bleed through. The handmade vintage design features a hand-sewn binding and is crafted with burnished finish and a leather strap to hold it shut. It’s the perfect pick for any writer, and a great place to pen your first novel.

Get it at Amazon →

Whisper AI Hearing Aid Update Makes Conversations More Intelligible

Whisper is rolling out the third major update for its AI-powered hearing aid. This update improves on the Sound Separation Engine, providing more contrast between speech and background noise. In other words, the Whisper Hearing System should now make conversations easier to understand in noisy environments. Read More »

Interesting Links

» 😭 Android 12 Launch Is Messy, Especially for Pixel Owners

Google says Android 12 is “done,” but it’s not ready for Pixel phones.

LEGO Drops Two New Brick Sets With Double VIP Points

The LEGO VIP program can get you discounts, free LEGO sets, and other exciting rewards — as long as you save up enough points. And for fans that were unaware, LEGO occasionally offers double points on select items. This week, LEGO debuted just that, two new brick sets for October 2021 that offer double VIP points, and here’s what you need to know. Read More »

Save on AirPods Pro, Mechanical Keyboards, and More During Today’s Amazon Sale

Want to get a head start on your holiday shopping? Amazon is offering a ton of great discounts during today’s Epic Daily Deals promotion. Now’s your chance to save $70 on AirPods or AirPods Pro, or cut $50 off a new CORSAIR mechanical gaming keyboard. Read More »


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The Latest YubiKey Doubles as a Fingerprint Reader

In its latest effort to make security keys more convenient, Yubico is launching the YubiKey Bio. It scans your fingerprint to verify your identity, saving you the trouble of typing a PIN every time you want to access your accounts. Read More »



HOW-TO GEEK Nintendo Switch OLED: Is Screen Burn-in a Problem?

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a lot to offer, but there’s one thing to keep in mind if you’re going for an OLED display: permanent image retention, or burn-in. So is Nintendo’s handheld susceptible? Let’s take a look. Read More »

HOW-TO GEEK The Reviews Are In for Microsoft’s Windows 11 Surface PCs

The new Surface devices have officially dropped along with the release of Windows 11. As you might expect, they come with Microsoft’s latest operating system installed. Reviewers around the web have started receiving the hybrid devices, and the scores are in. Read More »

HOW-TO GEEK How-To Geek’s Best Tech Gifts for Gamers for Holiday 2021

The holidays are coming, so it’s an excellent time to plan gifts for the people you know who game. Gamers usually buy the games themselves, so we’ve got a few gift ideas that they’re not likely to have thought of. Read More »

LIFESAVVY The Best Gifts for Adult Marvel Fans

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the largest film franchises in the world. With plenty of content already available, and more on the way, this isn’t a fanbase that’s going to die out any time soon. That’s why there’s a very good chance you have at least one Marvel superfan on your holiday shopping list. Read More »

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