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The Steam Deck over a dark purple background.

Following the previous Steam Deck update unlocked procedure-extensive effectiveness settings, players requested for the alternative to conserve these settings to individual video games. And Valve listened—today’s update introduces for every-recreation performance options that you can quickly software by way of the Brief Obtain menu.

Wait, can not you just modify a game’s graphic options in just the game? Which is right, but the Quick Obtain general performance configurations let you handle your screen’s refresh level, the system’s FPS restrict, electrical power utilization, and extra. You can lower the refresh level to lessen latency, for instance, or set a minimal wattage to lengthen your battery everyday living.

Conserving these settings to every sport just makes perception, as most Deck users want to dial in their console’s general performance. And here’s a little something awesome you can disable or re-enable a game’s efficiency configurations at any time from the Brief Access menu.

Notably, today’s update shows that Valve may possibly apply group effectiveness profiles. The organization previously additional neighborhood guidance for Steam Deck command schemes (per video game), so the plan of neighborhood-designed efficiency profiles is not as well insane.

There are a handful of other notable alterations in this update. The Steam Deck interfaces now scales to a virtual 1280×800 resolution when related to an exterior screen. Plus, the “Rumble and Haptics” is no more time out there in the Speedy Obtain menu (it is now in Controller Configurations), and the “Re-Buy Controllers” button now hides in the “Other” section of Quick Obtain.

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