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Raspberry Pi Pico W
The Raspberry Pi Pico W. Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation struck a goldmine when it launched the Pico microcontroller past January. This little Audino-like board is fantastic for IoT and robotics tasks, and it can even run DOOM. But now, a new variation of the Pi Pico provides customers’ most-requested feature—wireless capabilities.

Now obtainable for just $6, the Raspberry Pi Pico W takes advantage of an Infineon CYW43439 wi-fi chip for Wi-Fi support. This enables wireless world wide web guidance, which is especially practical for IoT jobs. Notably, the CYW43439 chip also supports Bluetooth five.2 and Bluetooth LE, nevertheless these characteristics aren’t enabled at launch.

Aside from its wireless capabilities, the Pico W is mainly equivalent to the authentic Pico. It operates on the RP2040 processor and employs an troublesome (but inexpensive) Micro USB B port for electric power. Two GPIO pins (LED and SWD debug) have new destinations, but which is about it.

Raspberry Pi Pico H
The Raspberry Pi Pico H. (A normal Pi Pico with pre-populated headers.) Raspberry Pi Foundation

We’re also acquiring the new Pico H, which is just a normal Pico board with pre-populated headers and the new 3-pin debug connector. The Pi Basis will start a wireless model of this pre-populated board, referred to as the Pico WH, in the coming months. (The Pico H costs $5, whilst the Pico WH fees $seven.)

Like the first Pico, the new Pico W supports MicroPython and C++ languages. These who produce in C++ will want the current SDK to use wi-fi features on the Pico W microcontroller. And MicroPython enthusiasts have to have the current UF2 graphic (this hyperlink starts off a download) with networking support.

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You can get the Raspberry Pi Pico W and Pico H right now from decide on resellers, such as The Pi Hut. I counsel looking through the Pico W datasheet if you want to learn additional about the new board.