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Rate: $200

Govee Glide Hexa light panels review
Cory Gunther

There are quite a few solutions obtainable when it will come to ambient or accent lights. And even though we have tested numerous of Govee’s at any time-growing clever lights solution lineup, the new Govee Glide Hexa Gentle Panels are some of the brightest and greatest.

This is What We Like

  • Quick install (adaptable connectors)
  • Affordable
  • Vivid, amazing shades
  • Tons of customization

And What We Do not

  • App is a bit finicky
  • No Apple Homekit assistance
  • App necessary (no inline controls)
  • Lower brightness could be improved

Nanoleaf’s Hexagon and Triangle line popularized intelligent mild tiles, but it is uncomplicated to invest a modest fortune outfitting your workplace, activity home, streamer set up, or DJ booth. With Govee, you get significantly of the similar encounter with 10 brilliant and lovely hexagon panels, all for only $199.

Thanks to flexible connectors and an ingenious mounting technique, the Govee Glide Hexa’s are extra customizable than most. You can even wrap them around corners, but don’t ignore to think forward for which side of the hexagon goes where by. At the time you get begun, you are going to swiftly obtain that the solutions and models are pretty much endless. And when you transform them on for the very first time, you are going to be surprised by the vibrant glowing great vibes.

You can modify each Hexa panel colour individually, increase wonderful coloration gradients, sync them up to songs, or pick out from a broad array of pre-sets in the app to established the ambiance or get any bash commenced.

Setup and Put in

Installing Govee Glide Hexa light panels
Cory Gunther

Inside of the compact box, you will get 10 tiles, all the connector ribbon cables, a ability adaptor, a regulate box, added sticky pads, an alignment resource, and even a degree to guarantee everything goes effortlessly.

On the back of every panel, you’ll find the primary input port for energy, plus 5 more numbered ports which mail the power out to the subsequent Hexa via a ribbon cable. Regrettably, you can only use 1 cable for every single hexagon, which a little bit limits creativeness and format.

That stated, the connector cables are about 6-inches very long and flexible, which offers you a minor slack to continue to feel outside the house the box and occur up with a exciting style. Each Hexa connects to the future a single, and the app has to be able to trace that line of energy to light them all up.

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What’s terrific about the Govee Hexa is that the light-weight panel simply snaps on and off the mounting bracket. That way, it’s easier to install and line them up, hook up the ribbon cables, or make changes if you mess up as I did. The incorporated alignment tool and bubble degree had been huge time savers.

Govee hexa lights on a wall
Cory Gunther

Individuals sticky pads, which come pre-mounted, are incredibly powerful and can very easily acquire the paint off your wall. As a result, I employed some command strips for much easier disassembly later on as I system on testing far more layouts and incorporating a 2nd pack for a string of 20 panels. On the brilliant aspect, I’d fairly have powerful adhesive strips over weak types, which is a typical criticism with some LED mild strips.

Each individual Hexa panel is about 7-inches wide, and the corners are three.five-inches prolonged, this means you can speedily go over a great four feet of the wall with lively colors. You are going to detect minimal elevated feed on the back of every panel, which can help with set up and ensures they’re all the similar distance from the wall for a clean, clean search.

As for software package, the Govee Property application (for Android and iOS) has a extensive structure software that will help you each stage of the way, provides you layout ideas, then demonstrates which numbered port (between 2 and five) each and every ribbon goes in as you location them on the wall. The enterprise even additional a YouTube tutorial movie to the set up wizard, conserving you some head aches. Watch it before you start off.

Glance How Rather These Are

Govee hexa lights relaxing mood pulse
Cory Gunther

Immediately after you figure out the best structure, slap all 10 Hexa panels on your wall, hook anything up, then ensure it will work appropriate, you can sit back again and delight in the gentle present. Just look how very they are.

As we explained previously, each and every translucent panel has toes on the back, so they are lifted about an inch absent from the wall. This effects in the light-weight bleeding by way of and out the sides, which assists fill the room with abundant colours. Also, Govee is applying numerous RGBIC LEDs inside of the panels, which give tons of colour gradients, clean transitions, and various colors on any panel at any presented instant.

govee glide hexa sits off the wall
Cory Gunther

Alternatively of a single coloration on every single panel, these can have several hues that adjust on the fly. The “fire” or “breathing” options within the application will likely be your beloved, in which the lights flicker or “breathe” with a energetic impact.

And simply because there are a number of LEDs within just about every panel, the Govee Glide Hexa receives insanely brilliant, just about much too dazzling. Thankfully, you can customize the brightness inside the application. Usually, at night time they can be fairly blinding.

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Thanks to an in-line microphone on the power cable, you can pair the panels to a cellular phone or computer system or just allow it pay attention to tunes and match the defeat. The actual-time sync will work fantastic, but the microphone can be overly delicate at times, even following turning down the sensitivity, and picks up each and every minimal sounds, instrument, or vocals. Continue to, it is a nifty characteristic that you are going to absolutely enjoy.

The Govee Property Application Has Countless Prospects

You’ll will need the Govee Dwelling app to do all the things, from the first set up to controlling all the hues, mild displays, or pairing your panels to a audio source to match the defeat.  There are no inline controls, aside from an on/off swap, so you do not have to mess with the application all the time. However, if you want to make changes or change the color, the application is demanded.

The devoted app is outstanding when thinking about all the choices, controls, pre-sets, and light-weight configurations. It makes it moderately uncomplicated to alter colors on the fly. It is so attribute-packed that there’s nearly way too substantially heading on, to the point that you will want to spend some time receiving acquainted with almost everything.

As anticipated with most good lights, you can rapidly include a timer, adjust the brightness, transform the light-weight modes, select a custom color palette, or choose from a extensive array of pre-sets. You’ll uncover tabs for new music, colour (with an overall coloration wheel for precise shade mixtures), and dozens of “scene” options ranging from sunset glow, hearth patterns, enjoyable moods, or even a disco mode that receives very powerful. Luckily, Govee has a photosensitivity and seizure warning pop-up to alert you in advance of selecting some of all those wild choices.

Govee Glide Hexa panels orange fire setting
Cory Gunther

I like that you can change the direction of the lights and animations. Within the application, there are buttons for left, appropriate, up, down, inwards, or outwards. That way, you can alter the results in addition to the shades and designs. And with the Glide Hexa, individuals directional possibilities get the job done on audio, as well.

And if you truly want to get resourceful, Govee has a Do-it-yourself portion in which end users can customise basically every single component of the gentle panels or try out setups from the neighborhood.

Sadly, the app is nearly far too bloated. Though you are within the focused Govee Glide section controlling your lights it is great, but as soon as you exit, you are going to uncover banner advertisements, a storefront, requests to join the Govee neighborhood, and other stuff that will get in the way of an in any other case seamless experience.

Additionally, the app is also quite finicky and occasionally irritating. I’d accidentally strike back again and have to start in excess of, hold out for the Glide Hexa to pair once more, then test to don’t forget whichever menu I was in hoping to customize the lights. And at times, it’d lose the connection and have to re-pair ahead of generating more adjustments.

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A Several Matters Missing

Govee Glide Hexa panels blue and white
Cory Gunther

In general, I’m quite delighted with the Govee Glide Hexa light panels and like all the things the setup gives. That explained, a few items are missing, insignificant tweaks, if you will, that could make them greater.

For example, each hexagon has 5 ports on the back to ship electrical power to the next hex, but you can only hook just one up to each past panel. If Govee let us add 2-3 going out in distinctive directions, it’d open up up even far more innovative models. Nonetheless, that could be a electricity and layout limitation more than something. But Nanoleaf does let you connect a lot more than 1 power adapter to its panels, so it seems like anything Govee could tackle.

I’d also like to see a little bit lesser components borders around each individual panel, offering the lights a superior general look. Moreover, would not it be amazing if you could make the border a single shade and the interior section a different colour. If so, I could flip these into an NFL emblem or some thing neat. And again, in comparison to Nanoleaf’s Shapes traces, Govee’s option is substantially thicker (but also fewer high priced).

And ultimately, the other considerable omissions are Apple Homekit or Computer system help. Whilst the Govee Glide Hexa’s perform fantastic with the Google Assistant or Alexa, iOS customers are still left guiding if they are deeply entrenched in the Apple ecosystem. Moreover, you can’t sync these up to a desktop Computer system as you can with Phillips Hue or the Nanoleaf, which would be an fantastic way for gamers or Twitch streamers to management every thing without constantly utilizing the cellular app.

Last Feelings

Govee Hexa panels glowing blue
These can get so vivid they’re blinding. Cory Gunther

The Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels have vivid hues and superb lighting, building them vibrant enough for any room. They’re reasonably effortless to put in, stunning, insanely customizable with hues, animations, and color gradients, and more reasonably priced than substantially of the competitors.

Total, Govee’s Glide Hexa panels offer a terrific benefit, lots of brightness, and an remarkable, calming, or vibrant home existence in contrast to something else I have tried out. If you are wanting for some of the ideal sensible LED lights, place these on your wall. How a lot you expend depends on regardless of whether you decide for the 7-pack or 10-pack.

Here’s What We Like

  • Easy install (adaptable connectors)
  • Very affordable
  • Dazzling, gorgeous hues
  • Tons of customization

And What We Will not

  • Application is a bit finicky
  • No Apple Homekit guidance
  • Application necessary (no inline controls)
  • Decrease brightness could be improved