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A pre-production Ford F-150 EV.

Ford has invested $50 million in Redwood Supplies, an EV battery recycling corporation started by ex-Tesla chief technology officer JB Straubel. Not only does this partnership give Ford a place to ship old batteries, but it sites the motor corporation at the forefront of sustainable EV production, as it hopes to create a “closed-loop” supply chain with Redwood.

Recycling spent lithium-ion batteries is a pretty challenging job, which is why they tend to conclude up in landfills. If a battery is lucky enough to be recycled (and not just shipped off to a mysterious “recycling” plant), then it will bear a melting-and-extraction course of action to take away uncooked resources, these kinds of as copper and cobalt (the most expensive products in L-ion batteries).

But this recycling system is inefficient, expensive, and extremely strength-intense, so pretty couple recycling businesses are prepared to go by means of the problems. Not to point out, the lithium-ion recycling procedure can be rather wasteful. Batteries with a lessened ability may stop up in recycling even even though they are nevertheless practical for undemanding tasks.

Redwood Elements hopes to totally modify the lithium-ion recycling procedure. It wants to build what is called a “closed-loop” offer chain exactly where new batteries are built of recycled materials as a substitute of imported resources. If performed accurately, Redwood could decrease U.S. reliance on foreign suppliers. It could also restrict the abusive and environmentally questionable mining methods that we see currently.

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Oh, and it could aid U.S. firms like Ford lower down on producing fees. Although we really should applaud Ford and Redwood Products for their environmental pursuits, we want to accept that dollars is continue to the motivating pressure for any company. So, here’s to hoping that Ford and Redwood make a whole lot of income, I guess!

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