Eric Schoon is a writer for Review Geek and has used most of his existence thinking about and examining goods of all styles and measurements. From the newest online games to the best smartphones, he enjoys acquiring the biggest strengths and weaknesses of every little thing he gets his arms on and then passing that info on to you.” identify=”description”>

Eric Schoon is a author for Review Geek and has spent most of his lifetime contemplating about and analyzing products of all shapes and dimensions. No matter if it is actual physical or digital, he’ll love getting its best strengths and weaknesses.

Eric has done producing for private assignments and odd positions through the many years and has also labored in advertising and social media administration. In his spare time, he often experiments with video clip enhancing and graphic style.

About Review Geek

Review Geek is a tech and gadget review web-site developed by the crew at How-To Geek. Our mission is to help save you time by investing several hours studying, screening, breaking, correcting, and re-screening mountains of solutions so you really don’t have to.

How-To Geek is an on the web tech magazine and a single of the top 500 internet sites in the US. Considering that it was designed additional than a 10 years ago, the site’s 10,000+ in-depth posts have been examine more than 1 billion periods. A lot more than 15 million persons read through our article content each and every thirty day period.

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