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Justin Duino

One more 12 months, one more rumor about the Apple iphone ditching Lightning for USB-C. But this rumor may be rooted in sound ground. Not just because it arrives from a dependable supply, but due to the fact existing circumstance is forcing Apple away from the outdated Lightning standard.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo states that a latest “survey,” presumably of Apple’s suppliers, reveal that the 2023 Iphone will use a USB-C port. Kuo consistently pulls info from these suppliers, and his predictions have demonstrated to be rather precise.

Although Apple insists that switching to USB-C will build unnecessary e-squander and pressure buyers to acquire new cables, that is not essentially the circumstance. Most folks individual at least a person system that uses a USB-C cable, and Apple now utilizes USB-C in the Mac and the iPad.


It truly is predicted to see present USB-C-similar suppliers of Apple’s ecosystem (e.g., IC controller, connector) come to be the market’s target in the up coming one-two years, many thanks to extensive orders from iPhones and accessories’ adoption of USB-C ports.

— 郭明錤 (Ming-Chi Kuo) (@mingchikuo) Could 11, 2022

Realistically, there are just two upsides to the Lightning port—it’s much more h2o resistant than USB-C, and it aids Apple generate a financial gain through the MFi certification system. In phrases of details transfer prices, charging speeds, and usability, USB-C is king, and Apple can no extended dismiss that truth.

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Not to mention, Apple may perhaps be compelled to use USB-C. The European Parliament lately voted in favor of a proposal that would make USB-C a need for all little rechargeable products.

But what about the portless Apple iphone? Properly, judging by the existing condition of MagSafe, a portless Iphone possibly won’t arrive any time soon. The engineering isn’t reliable ample, quick ample, or fun more than enough.

That claimed, I would not be surprised if today’s rumor is incorrect. Apple might have stuck with the Lightning cable in anticipation of the portless Iphone. If it believes that a portless telephone is suitable around the corner, it likely desires to avoid a two or three-year changeover interval with USB-C.

Source: Ming-Chi Kuo by way of MacRumors