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5 Ways to Improve your Twitter Experience

3 April 2009 8,471 Views 10 Comments

There are several features that are missing from Twitter home page, such as Mentions, Translations, Searching from the homepage, and Popular Trends. I was disappointed that did not already have some of these features built it. Thanks to a few Greasemonkey (Requires Mozilla Firefox) scripts, this is now possible.

Twitter Translate – If you are following someone on Twitter who speaks a different language than you, the Twitter translate greasemonkey script will automatically translate their tweets into your language.

Twitter Search Bar – The Greasemonkey script is called “Enhance Twitter” but I think my description fits better. This script adds a search bar to the top of Twitter (Why haven’t they added this to Twitter already?).

Popular Trends – Adds a “popular trends” to the right sidebar and includes the most popular talked about keywords.

@User Unread Count + Mentions – Adds an unread count to the @User tab as well as a mentions tab on the right side bar. The mentions feature will allow you to see who talks about you in their tweets (different from a reply).

If you are not satisfied with the web version of Twitter, there are several downloadable programs to manage Twitter from your desktop. We recommend Destroy Twitter.

Travis Cunningham

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