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A Trick to Increase Website Pagerank

8 March 2009 13,252 Views 9 Comments

I’ve learned a few tricks to increasing your pagerank with only a few easy steps…

Here’s what you will need: Patience and a web browser.

Google Pagerank works by reviewing what sites link to who. Here’s a better way to look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank. So now you are wondering “How do I get high pagerank websites to link to mine?” I thought about this when I was at school a few months ago. Using the iWebTool Backlink Checker, I was able to accomplish this. This is what I was going to do: Get blogs (that allowed comment posting, with high pageranks) to link to mine, using the comment system.

In the iWebTool Backlink Checker, I started off with Zendurl.com (Discontinued) and a few other cool domains. First check to see if the site has a high pagerank, then check to see if it is a blog or not. The easy way to tell if the links on there are blogs is by the URL format, and here are the different formats for example:

http://methelight.wordpress.com/2007/10/14/zotag-lovecms-new-website-and-stuff/ (Notice that it has a date and month in the URL. It will most likely have the blog post name also)

http://thetechcorner.net/blog/?p=2 (Notice it has ?p=53 or any number… it could also be index.php?p=63…)

Those are both formats for blogs. When you post a comment, make sure your first name, real email, and your website are filled in. When making your comment, make it a legit comment (seriously, don’t start spamming people), or they will simply not accept it and/or a spam filter might catch it.

If you are a part of a forum, make your forum signature have a link to your website. Google will also crawl the amount of pages with links to your site.

The last step to gaining pagerank is patience. Google’s pagerank updates every 1-3 months, so it won’t show up automatically. Make sure that your site has a lot of content also. Googlebot likes sites with a lot of pages to crawl.

Travis Cunningham – (originally posted at my personal blog and slightly edited)

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