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TeraCopy – Fast Windows File Transfers

14 January 2009 3,192 Views One Comment

Copying a bunch of files on your computer, and you need to do some image editing or other work, but you can’t because your file transfer is consuming too much of your processor? – The answer is Teracopy.

Teracopy (Windows Only) replaces Windows explorer’s method of transferring files and adds an interface, so you can see what is being transferred in real-time, as well as a Pause button, a Skip button, transfer speed, and transfer % completed. This means in the middle of your large file transfer, you will be able to pause the transfer temporarily so you can do other things on your computer, and you won’t be slowed down by your transfer. – When you are done, just click Resume, and you can complete the transfer.

Teracopy handles files differently than the default Windows Explorer methods. Instead it transfers files asynchronously instead of individually – A huge speed increase. Another advantage is that it only runs when you are transferring (copying or moving) a file, so it doesn’t run in your memory when you aren’t using it.


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This is one “must have” program if you are running Windows.

Download Teracopy: http://www.codesector.com/teracopy.php

- Travis Cunningham

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